"Kimberlie is doing exactly what she was designed to do...organize!  She gives purpose and meaning to everyday organization. As a professional organizer she has the ability to coach and encourage those who struggle to know where to start. Too much stuff can be overwhelming and adding stress to life...Kimberlie will show you how to distinguish between the things that bring joy to your life and the things that are oppressive and how to part with those things.  You will find Kimberlie to be the perfect companion as you start your journey towards less with her positive, gentle and non-threatening personality. Although she has a passion for organization and minimalism it will not supersede the desires and needs you have to finding freedom from clutter."

~ Emily, Mom of 4, Ham Lake. MN

"I learned things that I would have never learned had I not worked with you.  The idea of keeping only what brings joy was a helpful concept when weeding through stuff.  And I like the practice of taking time to thank an item that served its purpose, but no longer brings joy. I am literally using these tactics in all areas of my home!" ~ Louise

"I had 28 years of accumulation in my house and everything was overflowing. Thankfully, Kimberlie came in and assisted me with making choices, cleaning, organizing, and discarding while offering me emotional support. I have so much more room in my house and in my heart and mind! Thank you Kimberlie!

~ Sally, Edina, MN

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"You have always been my most organized friend...from childhood!!!! You always had the cleanest room!"


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